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☂Great mobile service at a great price☂

Date: September 25,2014
Location: Wichita , Kansas map

We are seeking motivated individuals to sell the most exciting & fastest growing mobile service in the US.
Our plan is just $49 per month & you receive unlimited voice, text & data on a 4G LTE nationwide network and NO contracts!
We are looking for any individual who is currently with T Mobile, AT&T or any PRE-PAID mobile service.
With just 9 sales your mobile service will be FREE forever! This will help you to build your home based business.
You will work at home full time or part time & openings are nationwide.

Our team will train you how to achieve your first goal of just 54 mobile plans in 3 months.
This will result in over $15,000 per year in residual income.
Our team approach will assist you in reaching all of your financial goals within just one year.
We have hired over 200 Sales reps in the past 6 weeks. Find out what all of the excitement is about!

This is an opportunity for you to build your own home based business and truly change your life!
The tax benefits alone will more than pay for your $49 per month unlimited mobile service.
To apply please email us with your CURRENT CELL PHONE PROVIDER along with your background, experience and contact info.
If selected we will invite you to a conference call. We will NOT contact you without knowing your level of experience!
Must be at least 20 years old and have an active face book account.

For more Information please visit our site:
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